A pure and essential space ​

A project aiming to design the Church as a sacred space where anyone can simply focus on prayer, meditation and personal reflection

The project scheme is simple and organized around rational and rigorous principles, divided in 3 bays of equal width, where the central one is taken by the church’s nave and the lateral ones are for the patios and the extra functions.

A constant and symbolic relation with light for spiritual awakening

Essential feature of the project is the relation with the natural light, due to the tight connection with the outdoor spaces surrounding the only nave, two private open air patios. The constantly changing indoor environment is strongly influenced by the outdoor climate.

Thanks to the employ of traditional and natural materials such as stone and wood for most of the interiors, the effect is a mix of soft ambience that infuses a sense of harmony, order and peace.

The church shell is enclosed by two longitudinal walls lifted from the ground, cantilevering over the entrance as an invitation for the parishioners and allowing to look out from the interior of the nave.

The roof and the head enclosures are inserted between these two planes, and connected with a glass envelope which runs on every side to allow natural light to come in.

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