Dolomites House

Dolomites House

Campo Tures, Italy

Expanding horizons, unlocking boundless space​

Inspired by the need to transcend an uncomfortable living situation, the house in the Dolomite mountains at the border between Italy and Austria has been remodeled as an example of seamless integration of indoor-outdoor living.

A new interior clear glass envelope with a gyp wall inserted is now the only separation among the different spaces. To allow the maximum amount of light into the rooms, the façades have been replaced by a custom designed structural silicon curtain wall.

Sunlit spaces merging with nature's palette, basking in the warm embrace of natural light

Almost everything has been custom designed, from the entire kitchen to the tables, desks, gas and wood fireplaces. The floor planks modulate the position of all the elements, from the walls to the millwork.

Because of the very low temperatures of the winter, the heating solution is the combination of radiant floor heating, perimeter floor radiators, a gas see-through-the-outside fireplace and a wood one.

The garden is enclosed by a 2.5m tall wood wall with horizontal slats to emphasize the perspective and cast shadows of sunlight from above and of spotlights from below. A wood deck surrounds the house, runs up a sunbathing platform with a Jacuzzi inserted. A steel framed wood canopy on one side allows to sit outdoor in a rainy day.

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