Dubai Seafront Villa

Dubai Seafront Villa

Dubai, UAE

Boundless harmony, where architecture and nature embrace

The oceanfront villa weaves together a captivating dance of solid forms and inviting voids, thoughtfully designed to embody distinct functions.  Harmoniously choreographed to capture breathtaking vistas, the spaces are bathed in the gentle caress of natural light and filtered through the surrounding lush landscape.

Positioned perfectly along the sea’s edge, the entire structure artfully embraces its plot’s orientation, leveraging the vast coastal panorama. Meticulously crafted, the architectural design achieves a harmonious fusion of intimate, cozy spaces and grand public areas, resonating with a captivating sense of human scale and proportion.

A theatrical composition of interlocking indoor and outdoor spaces

Most of the whole program is in direct in contact with the outdoor. The two courts balance the composition and bring the outdoors inside the building. Glass façade and transparent partitions allow the design to achieve lightness and framed views towards the sea and the surrounding landmarks. An organic and sinuous landscape follows the development of the villa, surrounds it and embraces it in a green oasis. Water features and pools bring a sense of peace and harmony.

A light tone material palette is selected to express pureness and elegance. White walls and roof surfaces receive all changing tones of the natural light. The selection involves both natural and artificial materials, to express the power of traditional elements and the technical properties of new ones.

A series of energy efficiency strategies ensure the sustainability of the project.

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