Floating Pianos

Floating Pianos

Lugano, Switzerland

Transcending glass boundaries, living limitless spaces​

Floating Pianos is conceived as a glass shell for contemporary living above Lugano, Switzerland. The transparency highlight the internal level composition, a dynamic play of shapes sculpting the tridimensional space.

The curtain wall divides the facade into a geometric composition of rectangular and square glass panes marking the alignments of the building levels.

Forging a seamless connection with the outdoor ever-changing atmosphere

Pianos floating over the landscape bathed by natural light that enters the transparent façade of the villa. The triple height living areas create a breathtaking experience: a space that changes from every perspective in a dynamic composition of volumes.

The functional core of the building does not disturb the lightness of the envelope and the open volume of the living area. The secondary bedrooms and service areas are arranged towards the top of the slope on which the project is located, both underground and aligned with the second and third level.

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