Free Mantles

Free Mantles

Pavia, Italy

A symphony of theatrical backdrops dancing as free mantles around the building

Unveiling serenity, Free Mantles, a one-story private villa nestled in the heart of a small town of the enchanting north-Italian countryside.  Harmoniously woven into the urban fabric: this project is meticulously crafted to embrace and enhance its surrounding environment.

Cleverly Curated Perspectives: Vertical shapes purposefully crafted and modeled to guide the gaze of villa inhabitants, boasting white walls adorned with strategic openings that offer both privacy and an abundance of natural light and ventilation.

Architectural alchemy, a composition of elements redefining the surroundings and rafting a captivating experience

Sculpting elegance, seamless white plaster façades embracing the volumes accentuated by smooth arc-shaped openings defining the building’s elevations.  Each opening strategically placed for privacy and views of the inner courtyards.


Harmony unfolding, with the landscape mirroring the building’s graceful shapes, intertwined with natural pathways leading to various levels. At its heart, a generous swimming pool stretches East to West, boasting two curved ends. A path on the water, nestled between the pool’s center, gracefully links the external gate area to the villa’s majestic main entrance.

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