Jesolo Lido Pool Villa

Jesolo Lido Pool Villa

Jesolo Lido, Italy

Capturing the essence of simplicity

The Jesolo Lido Pool Villa is a custom designed prefabricated wood structure, built and furnished in only 6 months in the beach town of Jesolo Lido, Italy.

Given the limited dimensions of the plot, the design objective revolves around maximizing open spaces, allowing for an uncluttered and expansive ambiance.

The indoor living area boasts transparent sides seamlessly opening up to the patios, merging the interior and exterior spaces in perfect harmony

The largest patio, to the west, features a long swimming pool, which takes the entire length of the space, and two planted square inserts: an olive tree is the main three-dimensional element in the patio.

The 4-meter roof overhang allows to place a covered outdoor seating and dining areas.

The smaller patio, to the east, also features two planted inserts with another olive tree to counter balance the other side.

Interiors are custom designed with typical JMA solutions, like audio/video walls, custom designed solid-surface kitchen, motorized roller shades which disappear into the dropped ceiling, integrated indirect lighting and home automated electrical system.

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