Lake Lugano House

Lake Lugano House

Lugano, Switzerland

Between earth and glass

Nestled gracefully upon the hillside, overlooking the tranquil shores of Lake Lugano, the villa unfolds into two distinct volumes artfully arranged across varying levels, seamlessly integrating with the unique topography of the site.

A polygonal shaped glass pavilion with rounded edges stands above a linear underground floor. The living area is located in the pavilion, while bedrooms, bathrooms and garage are in the lower level.

An endless glass shell blurring the boundaries on every side

Each level relates itself with independent outdoor areas. Upstairs, an open space takes place all around the glass pavilion: more  private toward the mountain and overlooking the lake on the opposite side. The ring-like space grants constant ventilation and natural light to the living areas.

Downstairs where the bedrooms are, there is an intimate green garden surrounded by a hedge.

All the additional functions of the pavilion are contained in a central lacquered wood block, which acts as a sort of a thick penetrable wall that separates the kitchen from the living room without dividing the space with doors.

In this house several elements are custom designed including the millwork, kitchen, dining table, the sofa, and the integration of audio-video system. Douglas wood solid planks have been selected for the interior floors. The same wood is on the walls of the bathrooms and It’s used as a headboard for the bedrooms. Artificial dimmable lights create a cozy environment.

Great attention is given to the environmental aspects, as the use of geothermal energy, roof gardens, the rain-water collection system, the choice of  highly efficient low-emittance glass insulated with argon gas, to optimize the thermal efficiency of the shell and the use of natural sun shading as the placement of deciduous trees in the south-west area of the building.

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