Luino, Italy

A white pebble lying in the landscape, fitting in and standing out

Pinwheel is a custom designed prefabricated wood house, built and furnished in only 6 months on natural hills close to the Lake Maggiore, in Italy.

The project consists of a one-storey building with a small basement level.

The Pentagon’s corners have been rounded to emphasize the continuity of the envelope between one elevation and the other, without interruptions. The vertical window openings and the aluminum “pinwheel blades” mark the rhythm of the façade, directing the view from inside.

A pentagon shaped from the plot’s limits and morphology

The design runs around the floor plan’s gravity center. It’s located at the highest point of the slope where the natural terrain is flat and it fits into the existing vegetation to preserve the identity of the site.

Two important elements are located on the same central vertical axis: a circular skylight on the roof and the descending staircase to the basement. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen share the same wide open-space, while the bedrooms and the bathrooms are closed behind the capsules in the background.

The outdoor spaces, having to respect the natural landscape’s levels, have been thought as simple and permeable surfaces: the gravel area has been designed with a natural shape around the perimeter of the building, while the rest has been covered by lawn. All the different heights of the site are connected together with gentle slopes and natural shapes.

The hedges are not a simple barrier but they are part of the main landscape vegetation and the large native trees draw their shadows on the building.

The facade cladding is composed of two materials: the first one is white aluminum, used in details, frames and panels, and the second one is a white concrete panel, placed between the metallic frames.

The building wood structures and all insulating details applied to the shell, are able to guarantee Energy-saving high standards and almost zero costs throughout the four seasons.

The technological system choices integrate the performance of the envelope ensuring a very high internal comfort.

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