Queens Apartments

Queens Apartments

Montebelluna, Italy

An idyllic garden-centric residential enclave, seamlessly blending the apartments with the lush greenery

Inspired by pure and rigorous forms, the 22-unit residential project in Montebelluna come together in a dynamic and artful composition, showcasing captivating façades on every side.

Envisioned as a green oasis atop the street level, the complex flourishes on a lush terrace, where the abundance of vegetation masterfully softens the building’s presence, seamlessly integrating it into the urban landscape.

A dynamic composition of frames and trays sculpting the facades from every angle

The façade is marked by the variety of openings, the terraces orientation and the depth of the loggias. The combination of these architectural elements makes it possible to sculpt the volumes, visually reducing the dimensional impact of the buildings. The ventilated façade made of white aluminum panels emphasizes the pure lines of the buildings ensuring the aesthetic quality over time even in a urban context.

All materials, especially the white facade, are enhanced by the vegetation: trees of different heights combined with low plants, filter the passage from the private environment to the surrounding urban life.

A continuous planter on the fence wall accentuates its elegance and integrates it into the garden.

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