Riyadh Desert Estates

Riyadh Desert Estates

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

An architecture sculpted by the desert winds

The Riyadh Desert Estates project involves a series of private villas, gardens and recreational areas in an uncontaminated natural environment outside the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Massive walls gracefully contour the sinuous and refined silhouettes of the villas, gently curving around the sturdy volumes of the rooms while framing mesmerizing vistas of the surrounding landscape.  The horizontal roof edges are designed between high vertical walls that mark the rhythm of the elevations. Shading sails are essential to design livable outdoor spaces in the desert environment.

Fluid Harmony: Where Water Blends Seamlessly into the Composition

Volumes are modeled to obtain a strong relationship between architecture and exterior features.  Pools design follows the same principles of the buildings with soft edges and a dynamic composition. The roof cantilevers provide an effective shading solution to the direct sunlight  that comes gently from the protected openings.

All the materials respect the local identity of the site, speaking, at the same time, a contemporary design language.  Massive materials increase the architectural value and ensure a timeless character.

The climate comfort of the building is achieved both through technological active systems and natural passive systems, combined with the building’s design. The vegetation includes a variety of local plants and shrubs in order to be able to resist the desert climate and to avoid excessive water consumption.

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