San Siro Stadium

San Siro Stadium

Milano, Italy

The eternal icon​

JMA believes that the current San Siro, the home of rival football teams AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano, has all the potential to be converted in a contemporary football stadium with all required modern facilities.

The remodeling proposal starts from the analysis of the contemporary needs of both football clubs and spectators, with the goal of integrating all the new functions into the existing structure.

Embracing the present, building a new future for the stadium

Because of the difficulty in reaching it, the lack of services and seats comforts, the Third Level of stands with the eleven supporting concrete towers is removed along with the existing roof. The rounded-edges volume of the 1956 structure is once again free to appear with its iconic “infinite” ramps. 

After that, the remodeling project of the existing structure is organized in four interventions: The Anello Zero (pitch premium seating), The Diamond Roof (a diamond-like shape roof), The Base Ring (gates, facilities and restaurants) and The Ramps (new cladding of the ramps).

The entire remodeling of the San Siro stadium will be executed during a timeframe of three years, closing large portions of the structure at different times, allowing the teams to keep playing during the seasons.  The most invasive works will be performed during the summer breaks.  Many of the new structures will be prefabricated.

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