Sunset Lake Garda

Sunset Lake Garda

Torri del Benaco, Italy

An ethereal interplay of dark volumes gracefully extending across the lakeside horizon​

Poised on the Eastern shores of Italy’s picturesque Lake Garda, Sunset Lake Garda boasts a collection of 10 elegant residences. Nestled upon a rocky slope that gracefully curves north-eastward, the property offers a stunning vista of the tranquil lake landscape.

Accessible from the street through a gate skillfully carved into the stone boundary walls, the garage level welcomes vehicles into its embrace.  All the connections to the apartments gracefully interlace amidst open air, seamlessly weaving between the crafted structures.

Light and permeable towards the lake, opaque and massive on the hillside

The building develops on three different levels but, to limit the impact on the landscape, the elevations never exceed two floors from the ground: the volumes are arranged along the natural slope from north to south. The apartments always reflect the same typology: the living area on the lake front and the bedrooms facing the hillside.

The façade is designed with a ventilated system cladded a in dark porcelain stoneware for all the opaque surfaces, with a sequence of vertical joints breaking the horizontality of the levels.

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