Treviso, Italy

A monolith hiding a secret garden

Towerhouse is an elegant urban retreat in Treviso, Italy, offering multi-level luxury living for a single family.  The project comprises a four-story tower housing bedrooms, harmoniously connected to a sprawling, single-story wing that elegantly accommodates the living areas.  Balancing the property’s composition, a fitness pavilion is located on the opposite side of the private garden.

Harmoniously juxtaposing the cityscape, the street-facing elevation stands as a testament to pure geometric elegance, as a canvas where vegetation traces graceful natural shapes.  Meanwhile, on the private side, the elevation is thoughtfully crafted around expansive openings, creating a symbiotic interplay between indoor and outdoor realms.

Gracefully tapered with thin edges

Nestled on the ground floor, the living area is completely open to the private garden. The bedrooms and the bathrooms are located on the upper three levels. The rooms are placed at the heads of the high volume, while bathrooms and circulation are in the middle.  This arrangement optimizes views and rooms value, ensuring privacy.

The ground floor living area has a close relationship with natural light, which enters the rooms through three different architectural elements: the sliding windows in the south portico, the patio carved into the volume of the building and the skylights above the kitchen.

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