Uluwatu Villa

Uluwatu Villa

Bali, Indonesia

Pure and powerful lines overhanging the cliff's edge​

Uluwatu Villa is designed as a one-story building in an extraordinary plot on the seaside cliff in the southern tip of Bali, Indonesia.  The swimming pool and its pool house are the architectural connection between the villa and the ocean.

A single white frame collects all the rooms and their glass facades on the seafront: the largest surface is dedicated to the living area, while the master suite is located on the more private side.

The space unveils timeless materials with an eternal allure

Natural and pure materials are the main character of the interior concept: marble, wood and terrazzo finish have been balanced in the composition to create an elegant atmosphere. Spotlights and light coves  characterize every space with different light intensity.

Every room has an own special view of the outside, sometimes more private to the patios, other times deep and wide towards the sea. Even each passage and corridor has a special view that enhances the circulation in the villa. The symmetry of the spaces is another important feature of the composition.

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