Villa Dellago

Villa Dellago

Torri del Benaco, Italy

A contemporary lakefront pavilion floating in the hillside landscape

Villa Dellago is a private villa nestled amidst the beautiful East shore of Italy’s Lake Garda.  Poised gracefully upon a natural terrace of the sloping site, the building embodies a single-story pavilion above ground, while below, a partially open basement level embraces the lakeside, seamlessly fusing architecture with the breathtaking waterscape.

A symphony of transparency and solidity graces the upper level, with the living area to the South and the master bedroom to the North, elegantly divided by a solid volume housing the entry foyer and bathrooms, adding both depth and dimension to the contemporary design.  On the lower level, the rooms gracefully unfold onto expansive patios carved into the natural slope of the site, inviting an abundance of natural light, ventilation and captivating panoramas of the lake scenery.

Enveloped in light, where boundaries dissolve

All the rooms have a wide view of the lake and the main level becomes a light and permeable object. The flat roof cantilever creates the perfect balance between light and shadow on the whole perimeter. The only enclosed portion of the pavilion façade is the master bathroom, which enjoys the natural light from the open-air patio that extends the interior space to an outdoor wet area.

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