White Canvas

White Canvas

PGA Catalunya, Spain

Allowing the landscape on the center stage​

A single-story villa floating in the lush landscape, in a dynamic play of pure lines and nature, sunlight and reflections, indoor and outdoor spaces. 

An immaculate container strategically carved to allow sky view from every indoor space and a gentle breeze through the public areas in the warmer months.

Seamlessly merging the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, the living areas extend beyond walls

A skylight marks the division of the living and dining areas, both placed in a single large volume that opens completely to the outdoors via sliding glass panels that vanish into the side walls. The result is a vast open-air living area articulated with decks, a reflecting pool, an outdoor conversation pit and a tree perforating the space.

The eat-in kitchen connects through an outdoor patio with a family-room with library and home theatre. A central service core, separates the living areas from the private wing of the four bedrooms. The master bedroom suite features a large bathroom with a private outdoor patio equipped with jacuzzi and outdoor shower. A swimming pool to the south of the villa enjoys the magnificent views of the estate below.

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